Childhood Inspirations Revisited.

So, when I was little a favourite thing was to spend a morning reading one of three big books ( published in the 1930s ) – the Red, Blue or Yellow “Grabbelton”  – which means “Lucky Dip” in Dutch. We had acquired these books after my great aunt retired from primary teaching.  I think these books were mostly a resource for teachers – but I was happy to read them too.

The premise was to make all kinds of things from almost nothing – paper, match boxes and  a little wool.

And I had a chance to revisit them the other week. How surprising to see a lot of the ideas are still current in that rather “retro” phase the craft world seems to being going through.

And I was tempted to have a go with something. What caught my eye was a feature on the very familiar “fortune teller” – but they had the alternative use of a picture frame.

Back in Holland I bought a pack of origami paper and set to work. Living in a temporary place I’m trying not to accumulate too much “stuff”. But still, I want to hang up pictures and decorate the place so that it feels “mine”.

So – a little bit of paper , some washi tape and the world famous “Japanese Screw Punch”

If I’d had a larger image I could have just tucked it into the corners as on the right above. In that case the image would be on the diagonal and the frame would be squared.

– and voila – a picture frame for a traveller.

Again, using a smaller image here I have taped the image into the central square. Next I will tuck the folded points behind to create the diamond shaped frame.

When I get some larger paper I’m going to try and scaled up version and also make a couple that would be suitable for slotting a Polaroid photograph straight into.

As well as all this nostalgia I’ve been pressing on with my “Wearable Art” collection – see the current range here.

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