Etsy Packaging Ideas

Of course, with a new product range come new packaging decisions. And I have to say that I haven’t settled on a final style yet, for my wearable art range. My longer term aim is to have a label designed that I will then format for various types of boxes. But in the meantime I looked for a way to give my packaging a bit of a lift. And to the rescue came my new stash of washi tape. These are fast becoming  a favourite resource but I only started to use them fairly recently when I did the book making workshop.

In this case, rather than sticking rigidly to my “brand” colours of turquoise with a little brown, I chose to make the packaging match the label I was going to use.

Although not a longterm solution, if you are looking for a way to revamp your packaging as you develop something new then get a couple of rolls of the tape and get sticking.

( And you still have time to enter the giveaway and win a pendant or ring of your choice –  )


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