Wearable Art “Official Launch” and Giveaway !

Oh yes ! The result of quite a bit of research and experimentation  – I am happy to unveil my wearable art collection. I’ve wanted to take some of my images  “off the walls” for quite a while and turn them into little pieces of wearable art. Souvenirs of favourite places ? A favourite flower that always inspires you.? A picture that represents encouragement or happiness ? I love to wear jewellery that has some meaning for me as well as enjoying them for their colour burst.

Anyway, without further ado – you can see the full range over at my Etsy shop here

And to celebrate I’m hosting a giveaway – with the winner able to choose the pendant or ring of her choice.

What do you need to do to be eligible  ?

Simply leave me a comment naming the piece that you would choose – and if you feel inclined, the reason for your choice.

I will choose a winner at random next Wednesday – 27th of June.

As well as on my blog you can find other  StarryBlueSky Updates here – 

Any tweeting , linking on FB or blog much appreciated of course !


29 thoughts on “Wearable Art “Official Launch” and Giveaway !

  1. Hi You,

    I like your idea to make a photograpphy into a wearable art. This is very creative, and the dreary life of a hanging picture is much upgraded 🙂
    Regards from buntscheck

  2. These are so beautiful. I really like the steps and Edinburgh I love art that makes me feel like I’m there and both of these make me feel this way & Edinburgh is such a beautiful place. Your work is truly lovely.

  3. Rhiannon, your blog is a feast for the eyes! Thank you for the “tulip tour” and also for your Monday Mood posts… you’ve definitely captured the respective topics.

    When I clicked open your blog, the first thought that came to mind was: “That looks like the Firth of Forth Bridge…!” Lo and behold (at your Etsy shop), I discovered it was indeed that memorable structure. Many, many years ago I had the pleasure of crossing it… and so… the pendant (above) would be my choice. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give-away!

  4. I’m a FLYER (nudge nudge wink wink)! I love the beautiful center copper piece with peonies (I think). Why? It’s SO PRETTY! Thanks for this awesome fun giveaway!

  5. They are all really pretty and I’m sure they would look very good layered one upon another. I’m torn between the fish ring and the lighthouse ring… really… I’d have to raffle to decide 🙂
    And I’d have a ring so that I could look at it more.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity and I wish you all the best with your shop.

    Greetings from CC fellow 😉

  6. Those are really interesting, pretty and a great idea! I love the swans…florals are really pretty too. Hmm..hard to choose. I could see them layered. Very nice!

  7. Lovely pendants – thank you so much to offer such a great giveaway! As I’m a flower addict, too, I would LOVE the one with the peonies on it- but they are all sooo wonderful! Greetings from a fellow flyer ;-))

  8. I love these pieces! They’re making me feel nostalgic about home (Holland) and I would love the blue-ish Amsterdam polaroid pendant – I’d always have a little bit of home with me and it would look beautiful with my jeans. I have one of those enamel 50s souvenir bracelets as well with all things Dutch – it’s so sweet! Ah, but those ranunculus pendants are GORGEOUS as well – I love flowers (and the overwhelming colour of Dutch flower markets). Wearing one of those I’d be wearing my business room to bloom close to my heart : ) Good luck with your new venture, I’m sure it will be a success!

  9. They are all great – but the one that really caught my eye was the deep yellow ranunuculus (not sure if I’m spelling it right!)…I’ve always loved those flowers but have never planted them and the color is so amazing!


  10. Rhiannon this range is fabulous! I would go for the goldfish ring, no contest. {It’s a watery Pisces thing. :)} I was thinking they would work really well as cufflinks too, (I actually thought the rings WERE cufflinks before I worked it out!), and was thinking I’d definitely buy cufflinks with meaningful images on for the men in my life. Just a thought. 🙂

  11. Your work is simply gorgeous! I would accept any piece, but I’m especially drawn to the Roman Pantheon pendant. It reminds me of visiting there one evening with my husband, buying a funky felt hat, and eating pizza prompted against the fountain in the piazza–pure magic!

  12. These are beautiful, Rhiannon ! Wearable art is a stroke of genius!

    I would love the “Rome in the Rain” pendant. It’s a lovely shot and wearing it would remind me that there is beauty everywhere even when the circumstances don’t seem perfect…

  13. Love the pendants. I’d choose the Forth Bridge because it’s a lovely shot of a very beautiful piece of architecture. I have one of your 5×5 polaroids and gave one to a friend who was immigrating to the US.

  14. Firstly i’d like to say thankyou for running this competition …..it’s been a tough choice picking just 1 fave! lol
    Anyway, after much deliberation I think i’d opt for the Scones and Jam polaroid pendant as it’s so very British …apart from the fact that they’re also one of my fave little afternoon treats! 😀

  15. They look simply stunning – very hard to choose just one, but I’d have to go with the meadow flowers pendant. I love the shapes of these flowers and have often photographed them myself – they are amongst my favourite things to photograph because of their organic, almost architectural structure. Their exquisite shapes make a very beautiful piece. Clever old you! Hope they sell like ‘hot cakes’.

  16. I love the city souvenirs, really evocative of the places…
    Congratulations on the launch… I-m sure they will have wings!
    Any ring would be a treat!

  17. The pendant I choose is Art Pendant – Dutch Pendant – Photo Pendant. My family comes from the Netherlands on my Dad’s side. My grandpa was born there and then they came to the states, not sure what year…. VanHees is the name… my younger brother went over to the Netherlands to meet our family and to find out the history of who and where we came from. Come to find out we have a bakery over there and he brought me home a package of cookies w/our name on the package! What a discovery!!

    We are both Dutch, you say half dutch…. (dutch is dutch LOL)
    Our birthdays are in August we are strong LEO’s, Mine is the 15th, yours is the 25th….
    You are always there to answer my questions on Exploring the Senses… (even if it’s a silly question) :)….
    To wear one of your pieces of art would be a true treasure ~

  18. They’re all gorgeous but I especially love the floral pendant in the center of this page. Thanks for sharing!

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