Catching up – The Bulb Fields

No moodboard from me today as Etsy has made some kind of change with the way images work ( or so it seemed without too much investigation). So ringing the changes a bit today.

With being so sporadic in my blogging , it does mean I have a bit of a backlog of things that I wanted to mention here. And how could I spend a spring in Holland without the subject of Tulips coming up ?

Fortunately tulips no longer cause fortunes to be won and lost as happened in the 17th Century . But they are still in evidence all over the place. At the market you can buy great swathes of them ,if you time it right. And then there are the bulb fields.

At the right time of year flying in to land at Schiphol can be a real treat as you see a multicoloured patchwork quilt from the air.

I took a drive through an area where there are a lot of bulb fields . The area around Leiden , and towards Amsterdam is a prime spot.

Although most people make a point of visiting the manicured displays at the Keukenhof ( and they are impressive) I like nothing better than seeing the fields full of tulips and other flowers.

I’ve prepared a little taster for you – to whet your appetite for a visit at tulip time.

Also a little reminder that a giveaway featuring my “wearable art” section is coming up this week – keep a look out !


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