Monday Moodboard – Summer

Candies Chessie Necklace by HunkiiDorii

Summer Party Bunting by BHBKidstyle

Summer Shawl by LiinaKu

Red Felted Ampersand by Cherrytime

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Today is a holiday in the Netherlands and the weather is glorious so I think I’ll spend the day out and about enjoying the sunshine and the music that is being played all over town.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at work adding to my “Wearable Art” collection . I have been adding to it over the last week or so but haven’t given it a “proper” launch, so look out for that happening sometime soon.


Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard

Today’s moodboard – what do you find if you search under “Happy” ? This is what came up !

Statement necklace in Turquoise by Vadjutka

White Cream Cotton Pillow Case by LaceonPillow

After the Rain my Roses are Happy Necklace by StaroftheEast

You make me so Happy – fine art print  by LouisesestARt

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And if you are curious to see what I have been working on  this last week, have a wee peek here. If there is one of my Polaroid paintings that you would like to see featured in this set just let me know and I’ll add it to the next group I make.