Signs of Spring


Flowers are showing up all over the place. Ahead of the bulb fields being in full bloom I am getting my quota of flowers at the florists and flower stands. I was tempted by a little tub of violas but was advised against it as I don’t have an outdoor spot for them in Holland. Instead I came home with a cute little mini hydrangea. I have a soft spot for them and also associate them strongly with Holland as there was a huge hydrangea at the foot of my grandparent’s garden in the Hague.

Again, this was an image shot and edited with an iphone. Have you fallen under the spell of this kind of image taking ? Processing them out and about with a coffee by your side ? It is very close to the Polaroid experience for me, I think that is why it feels so familiar and enjoyable.

Some of the resulting images find their way to my Instagram stream. (My id is rhiannonmc – but you can also view the images online here ). Do you use Instagram ? I have a few thoughts about the positives and negatives of Instagram – but I’ll save that for another post.


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