Sunday Loose Ends…

LoFi Exhibition Invitation

As usual, its looking like another busy week , here at Starrybluesky headquarters. And as always, when there is travel coming up, all kinds of tasks present themselves as “essential”.

Some tasks are firmly in the calendar – and one is the Edinburgh LoFi Group exhibition opening on Thursday the 1st at Urban Outfitters, Princes Street. The image above is part of the postcard invitation. If you are in Edinburgh that day, please do come along between 6 and 8 pm. There will be refreshements and music. And a little stall selling some prints and postcards from LoFi Group members.

Apart from that,I am tempted however, to set a lot of other things aside so that I can just keep painting. The painting e- course with Flora is now heading into its fourth week. I have canvases set up both here and in Holland so I can keep up with it where ever I am. I love the early “free for all” stage , where it doesn’t terribly matter what kind of marks you make. Its more tricky once you get a few layers down and you have to start trying to wrangle the image into “something”. But I am trying to detach from any ideas about outcome and just paint paint paint.

( By the way, if you are curious about her approach to painting ,her book will be published sometime in May.)

And just a quick reminder too, that the Early Bird discount for Stephanie Levy’s Creative Courage course is valid until today ( 26th ) . And if you do decide to join in , be sure and let me know so that I can enter you in my giveaway too.

And yes, I do like e-courses. Actually , I just like courses and workshops – e or otherwise. Keeping on learning is just the best thing. I am getting to the stage though, where I think it would also be good to pass on some of that knowledge and I’m developing an e- course of my own. If you’d like to be kept in the loop then make sure you are a subscriber to my newsletter.


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