Easing Back into Blogging…. ( and a little giveaway too )

Polaroid coffee heart

( Little note about the Polaroid here – as you can see from the cup, I took this photo in Bewley’s Cafe, in the Grafton Street branch. I made a couple of trips to Dublin quite some time ago, to shoot of a series of Polaroid images. A little later all the Bewley cafes were threatened with closure , but I am so pleased to see that they were saved from that, and are still in business. )

Well, it just goes to show. Routine is everything. And once you let the routine slip and slide , it is so very difficult to pick things up again. Or maybe I just needed this period to be free from blogging about it. Some people manage to navigate great shifts in circumstance while blogging throughout , but for me, I think I need some calm and quiet times when there is a lot going on “behind the scenes”.
Anyway, things are calming down a bit now , and finding their own order again. And I feel ready to pick up my blogging habit too. I have missed it, for the exchanges of opinion and for the way that it encourages a certain reflection on what is going on. I am planning some changes though, and as I’m coming up for my fourth “Blogaversary” that doesn’t seem a bad thing !

Anyway ( again ) I thought I would do a few little giveaways of various sorts, as I get back into the groove of things. And the first one concerns Stephanie Levy’s Creative Courage course. I participated in the first one last autumn and really enjoyed both the content and the courageous bunch of women who participated. She has now just launched the next round and there is an earlybird price until this Sunday ( 26th ). I am going to join in again with this round – she has got a really great line up of contributors . In fact, I’d say she has excelled herself ! I have done quite a few online courses over the years. Working by myself, from my little studio, I enjoy the input of new ideas and techniques. And the discussions with other “arty” types. And honestly, I think Stephanie’s course is one of the best I’ve done. ( And I’m not an affiliate or anything like that – I just really enjoyed the experience.)

So, if that gets your curiosity going, pop over to her site and have a read of what she has cooked up. And if you decide to join in , pop back here and let me know. I will be pulling a few names from the hat and giving away a few of my postcard sets to people who have signed up.


14 thoughts on “Easing Back into Blogging…. ( and a little giveaway too )

  1. I agree, the creative courage e-course is very good, fun, and the things you learn will stick with you, guaranteed! Almost your 4th blogaversary, wow congratulations! By the way, i can almost smell that coffee… Looks good!

    • Thanks for popping in ! I’m a month or so off the 4 year mark – but seems a good time to freshen things up πŸ™‚ Hope we will manage to meet for a coffee sometime when I am in NL.

  2. I’ve loved the creative courage e-course so much that I’ve signed up again. I’ve learned a lot and ‘met’ lots of great people with all sorts of wonderful ideas.

  3. i enjoyed the links. i am probably going to join again s I am decluttering my house and head and plan to be in a better place to attend .

  4. Welcome back! So good to see you here. I will definitely read more about the creative courage e-course..sounds great! Can’t take it this time around, but will keep my open for future courses..

    • Hi Heather – thanks. And yes, I’m still dividing my time between Scotland and NL. That’s really been behind me taking the blogging break as I needed all my energy to try and get that smoothed out. Hope to see you again for coffee or lunch sometime soon.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for popping in .
    No, I didn’t use an app for this. This is still one of the Polaroids I did with the “original” SX70 film. I have been working on other ways to get a similar effect but haven’t cracked it yet.

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