Not Quite Normal Service Just Yet…..

Well, not quite back into my previous blogging rhythm just yet. And in fact, I’ve decided to give myself till the end of the year to find a proper format again. I will be posting a little more regularly throughout December though, as it helps with those ” end of year reviews” to put it in writing .

Anyway, today’s news is that I’m featured over on Stephanie Levy’s ” Artists Who Blog” website and I’m really delighted to share that with you here. We got in touch  earlier this year when we found out  that we had a year long European project in common . She is currently almost half way through her project – and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the images and hearing the stories so far. I was also lucky enough to meet her when I went to Hello Etsy in Berlin and we had a great time comparing notes.

She creates beautiful mixed media pieces based on the European cities she is travelling to or imagined interiors – watercolour and collage in vibrant colours – they are gorgeous – go and have a look !


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Normal Service Just Yet…..

  1. Your interview with Stephanie is lovely – I loved reading more about your work and creativity 🙂
    December is crazy enough as it is, without adding extra stress in any form! Don’t forget to take breaths & care of yourself! x

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