Back Again – A Quick Hello !

By the date I can see that it is exactly a month since I last posted here. That was an unintentionally long break from blogging. Well, it wasn’t even intended to be a break. It just worked out like that. But thanks for keeping the faith and popping back again !

Sometimes I manage to be rather organised and pre -schedule a couple of posts to smooth over any times when I will be away. But this time even that went out of the window.

Anyway, I’m back at my studio now, and should be based in one place for the next few weeks. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to get back into a proper rhythm.

Ironically this blogging lull has occurred at the same time as I participated in a blogging course.  I’ve had quite a lot of food for thought and changes that I’d like to make. ( You might notice the header had a bit of a freshen up ) But just not the time online to carry it through.

Of course, just as I found when I had the AudioBoo break, once you stop, the habit is broken and it seems really quite difficult to get back into the swing again.

Or perhaps it is that the time away allowed me to reflect on my I blog and what I want to write about here.  And also that I even quite  enjoyed this blog free month. In any case, I think having blogged fairly consistently for a few years it is not a bad thing to review why I blog and the shape I’d like this blog to take in the coming year. Oh my, it is still only November and I am already considering next year.

Of course, I wasn’t offline completely . And my new favourite thing is Instagram. I did download it last year but hadn’t really understood how it works. There are a number of filters within the app itself and I thought you were restricted to using only these. I like to tweak and edit with any number of apps so I discarded Instagram. However prompts from a couple of friends encouraged me to have another look and I discovered that it is actually very flexible and versatile. And I have enjoyed seeing the work of other enthusiastic Iphonographers around the world. If you use Instagram please let me know so that I can have a look – if you’d like to find me I am rhiannonmc.


5 thoughts on “Back Again – A Quick Hello !

  1. Love the photo of the buildings. Just started doing iPhonography — had a long car trip scheduled, knew there would be no time to stop for photos, so I used my cell phone camera. What an amazing discovery…

  2. Welcome back! A break from anything is always good…hope you enjoyed and are refreshed and ready to get back at it now:) I also gave up on Instagram but I think I will also go back and explore it more. My brother has taken some very cool shots with it. There are some great Flickr groups @ Instagram. Good day to you! Julie

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