Five on a Friday – a Connections Round – Up

( The image is “Tea in the Hague” – Polaroid Painting – and available here. )

In another of my “Five on a Friday” round ups – this time I thought I would pull together five of the posts from the archive where I talk about the different meet ups and events I’ve attended during the last  year or so.  At the start of the year I set myself the goal to accept any opportunities that came my way this year, to connect. And there were a good few events that presented themselves. Some were smaller and inexpensive and others were frankly luxurious and a real treat. But each one has been worthwhile. Hopefully some of these posts will encourage you to find something local to you and get out from behind the computer. If you’ve attended something this year I’d really love to hear about that too.

The Do What You Love Retreat in Yorkshire – well – that took several posts to cover completely but here is a start.

Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam – an event that was based around Holly Becker’s book Decorate.

The Impossible Factory visit – back to Holland again for this as they are in Enschede over towards the German border. There was a very international mix here none the less, from France and even Italy, as it was a rare treat to see inside the Impossible Headquarters.

This one is in a rather different category as I didn’t travel far afield, but instead joined others from the local community ( and quite a few from abroad) who turned up to witness this rather bizarre local custom – The Burry Man of South Queensferrry.

Of course not all connections are one – offs – this post about the launch of a local craft group, Granny Greens – still going strong a year later though at a different location  – Fredericks Cafe on Frederick Street from 6-8pm. If you are in Edinburgh whether visiting or local you are welcome to pop in. Despite the name we are of all ages and I’m not sure that anyone is a granny !


5 thoughts on “Five on a Friday – a Connections Round – Up

  1. Hi Rhiannon! Your blog, and your creations, are so lovely. You’re so lucky to have been at the Meet the Blogger lunch—I know it was months ago, but I’m still envious! Looking forward to connect with you at our BYW Amsterdam bloggers lunch 🙂 Deepa

  2. Hi Rhiannon!
    I am inspired by your goal of being open to opportunities and may need to commit to a similar vision for myself. Thank you! Hopefully by this time next year, I too will have a list that I can share.

  3. Kathleen – thanks so much for your encouragement ! And lovely to hear you are enjoying the print.

    Deepa, thanks for visiting – and it was great to finally meet you in Amsterdam. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

    Helen – thank you.

    Dianne – glad if it inspires you to find these kind of events yourself. I have had a wonderful time this year attending all these things. And I know that if I had not set myself the goal of accepting all opportunities and invitations that were feasable I’d probably have not even attended half of what I did. Look forward to reading your list next year !

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