Hello Etsy /Berlin Video

Paris, 12 City Project, Polaroid Painting – available in my Etsy shop.

It took a little while to pull together, but after attending a video blogging seminar at Hello Etsy by Niamh Guckian. ( Link to her seminar is here ) I decided to have a go. Unfortunately this was on the second day so I didn’t attend the whole conference with this plan at the back of my head. I’ll be doing a couple of blog posts in the next few days about the content of the conference.


And I am also going to be launching an art swap in the next couple of days – so be sure to check back.


6 thoughts on “Hello Etsy /Berlin Video

  1. Rhiannon this is a particularly beautiful shot. Came here via your comment on my site via BYW. My family gave me a Polaroid camera for my birthday but I’m struggling to find paper for it thesedays in Australia. Got any thoughts? Are you working on these photos by hand or digitally?

  2. Thanks ladies for popping in and saying hello 🙂

    About the Polaroid film – the only place I know to get film now is here – http://the-impossible-project.com/ – they ship globally. Depending on the type of camera you have it might also be suitable for one of the Fuji instant films, but mine, the SX70s don’t work on that.

    The image here ( and all of the Polaroids ) are originally worked by hand. That is the part of the technique that I really enjoy the most. My earlier pictures, when the film was still in production and not expired, have only a little bit of colour tweaking. The one above , which was shot on a film with a slightly different chemical make up, to my eyes ,needs a little bit more digital nudging to achieve a pleasing colour. Well, its all subjective of course.

    I am still experimenting with the newest films from Impossible but so far have not had good results with the manipulation technique.

    It is my intention to write a little article sometime soon summarising the tools and techniques that I use as I’ve been asked about it a few times recently.

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