Creative Drought

“When we are in a period of creative drought , we must believe that we carry our own water, that we can gently tap the inner stream if we are kind with ourselves, and patient. The grace of creativity is a great underground river. It flows on , untouched by the events and the apparent droughts of our outer life. Like the great rivers that flow within the earth , it is there, waiting for us to acknowledge it and dip into it with humility. ”

Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper.

Today’s AudioBoo is here
I’ve been doing these little mini podcasts for a while, mostly on weekdays. Short bursts of about 3 minutes long usually, just reflecting on something that I’ve been thinking about that morning. One of the biggest benefits to me is that they mark out a weekday from a weekend. And anyone working from home or a home studio will know how easy it is to blur the lines there.


Blue vintage car, Polaroid Painting – available in my Etsy shop.


3 thoughts on “Creative Drought

  1. Hmm..good quote. I like that lady.
    Still hopping around trying to get to everyones site to say hello and connect. Nice to have some time after the whirlwind KRR course. I am loving your shots and effects..they are great.Off to visit your flickr site..will connect with you there! Julie

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