Daily Action

“Inspiration grows into full scale creation through persistence and imagination. The daily action exercises both.  Doing your daily action every day ( seven days a week) , at the same time of day, will make self-discipline a habit. In this way , the daily action reinforces the truth that tiny steps can scale giant mountains. Once your action becomes incorporated into your life, it will become a ritual imbued with its own power – the power of your own energy , focus , and joy.”

Carol Lloyd, Creating a Life Worth Living.

Put on your Dancing Shoes , Polaroid Painting – available in my Etsy shop.


One thought on “Daily Action

  1. Oh my – I’m going to have to have this painting… my 5-year-old daughter lives in her flamenco shoes… I’m a fellow BYW student and stopped by to check out fellow classmates’ sites in hopes that eventually, I’ll have a worldwide creative network to work with! Your artistic perspective is unique–can’t wait to see what else you do!

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