Creating a Habit.

“The truth is that getting at it is what makes getting at it easier. Each day that we write creates a habit of writing in us. Each day we go to the barre and do our plies creates an inner as well as outer flexibility that makes dancing easier. It is the easier and softer way to work today, if only for a few minutes, no matter how hard or impossible it seems. Each inch we inch forward is a tiny little notch in our self-esteem: Yes I did do it ”

Julia Cameron “The Sound of Paper”

Red Peppers, Polaroid Painting – available in my Etsy shop.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Habit.

  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I love your red peppers because the very first watercolor I ever painted was of a red pepper. Unfortunately, my husband thought it was a strawberry when he first saw it. I’m in a bit of a creative funk right now because I’ve been focusing on these online classes, cleaning my studio, etc. Hoping to get back into my painting mode real soon.

  2. Hi Rhiannon,
    I couldn’t decide which post to comment on as they all are fabulous with your Polaroid paintings. Because I love photographing food, I decided on the Red Peppers one. I am a friend of yours on Instagram (@lynne317) and I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your photos. All are spectacular! I am adding you to my blog roll and have signed up for your email subscription so I can keep up with your work.
    Cheers, Lynne

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