Travel Tuesday – Scottish Borders

caravanI gave a few little hints a couple of weeks ago about where I went for a little birthday break, and with one thing and another hadn’t got round to posting about it – so my Travel Tuesday slot seemed as good a time as any.

Hidden away in a meadow that you would never know was there if you hadn’t been let in on the secret, are four of these “roulotte” caravans. Made by either French or Dutch craftsmen and then kitted out with colourful interiors they are the perfect little getaway. Fortunately for me, the only one available for the dates I wanted was decorated in my favourite blues, purples and greens. Compact, but kitted out with everything you could possibly need – cooker, fridge, wood burning stove, little bathroom and shower. The front section was the “salon” and a bed was fitted into the rear with huge storage underneath. After all, in such a beautiful little space you don’t want to have all your stuff lying around.

The sounds were those of the sheep in the next field or the occasional quacking of the two resident geese. Our roulotte also had a few extra lodgers, with a swallows nest above the door , containing four hungry little birds. The parents swooped in to feed seemingly unperturbed by the humans round about. In the evening all the swallows performed stunning  displays over the little pond in the centre of the meadow.

I was very very lucky with the weather. After the summer we have had , I didn’t expect to be eating my breakfast in the sunshine on my birthday. But the sun shone all day long, making the break even more perfect.

I’m not that familiar with this part of Scotland, the tourist buses largely whizz by , after the briefest of stops at Jedburgh – only long enough to see the abbey or have a coffee , but not both. And I do think the area deserves to get a bit more attention. The landscape is quite gentle rolling hills, but every so often you are surprised , on arriving in a little village, to find quite a big village green and a cluster of cafes or antique shops. And a lot of beautiful walks, for example along the banks of the river Tweed, or through the Eildon Hills on part of St Cuthbert’s Way.

The contact details for this magical place is Roulotte Retreats. I have put the other images from the roulotte on a Flickr set.


3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Scottish Borders

  1. Aha, now I know what a roulotte is! You did get the perfect colors for you. This looks heavenly! There are so many places the tourists whiz by, that have so much to offer. Like this!

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