Five on a Friday

A random Five on a Friday mix again , of things that I have been enjoying this week.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I keep going back to ETC by Sibella Court. I really love the way she creates colour palettes with 10 colours and then uses them in different combinations. I’m looking at the colours when I am thinking about what I want to change in the house ( and really, I want to change far more than I initially thought ). But I am also working on a little web project on the side and her use of colour is inspiring me for that too.

I had to pop into town today and I made the most of the trip by going past Lush. If you’re ever anywhere near a Lush store you will smell it before you see it. Apparently this causes a love /hate relationship. I am in the “love” category ( ever since they existed under their previous guise of Cosmetics to Go ). I remember being in Gothenburg, in a pretty little arcade of shops and then suddenly smelling “the smell” – and sure enough, Lush was right round the corner. In my opinion the bath bombs are the perfect antidote to “bad days’  and my current favourite is the Dragon’s Egg . Although the assistant persuaded me to try a couple of other ones this time.

Reading this book by Johannes Itten to learn more about how colours work in combinations.

Dreaming of going here.

And planning to reward myself for work well done  ( well, if I don’t say it , no- one will ) by picking up a couple of cupcakes here. They have the most gorgeous crockery based on design elements from different buildings or places in Edinburgh.

In other news, it’s my birthday next week and I will be doing a little “something”. You might want to subscribe to my newsletter so that you stay in the loop.   You’ll find the sign up form over on the right at the top of the column.


3 thoughts on “Five on a Friday

  1. Hi,
    just wanted to stop in. Thanks for the lovely words you left on my blog. means so much at the start of such a vulnerable journey.

    Your blog looks so polished and experienced. Live•Create•Inspire such great words to adopt into our “everyday”. Nice.

    Sibella Court, love, love, love her. Did you catch her in “Man Shops Globe” on Bravo a while back? The August Issue of Livingetc has a spread on her new flat.

    Checked out your Polaroid Paintings. Paris and Flowers have to be my favorites because those are two things close to my heart.
    Great work.

    Off to catch up….reading, kids and laundry(so glamourous!)-D

  2. Hi Rhiannon, Love your blog! What a beautiful photo and love your Five on a Friday idea! I have been doing “things I love today!”, but it would probably work better if I did it every week! That watercolour book by Heather Smith Jones down below Has caught my eye … might have to go have a look!, Thanks so much for visiting me, Happy Flying Shae xo

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