Five on a Friday

A random mix of things that have made me feel cheerful this week. It has been a very rainy week, and there have also been some more house problems to deal with, so any little cheerful thing has been a very welcome bonus.

1. Cuckoo’s Bakery

I have already declared them the best cupcake makers in Edinburgh.  (And I have tasted a lot of them – research is always ongoing.) Why they beat their rivals ? They have a quite unique set of flavours, which carry the flavour on throughout the cake and not just on the icing. Crucially, the layer of icing is not too thick. Some of the other places have so much icing on the top that it becomes too much and rather sickly. These have got it just right. And then each flavour is decorated very prettily. Top notch ! Their cafe also looks very inviting, decorated with real attention to detail and including specially commissioned china with quirky takes on local landmarks.

2. Rafven

From Gothenburg, I came across this band accidentally, while looking for another one. They play a sort of Klezmerish, gypsy, punk mix and sound absolutely fantastic. I will be keeping my eye open for any performances in Scotland.

3.Life, Paint and  Passion by Michele Cassou.

I spotted this book in the library at the retreat earlier in the year and it looked very inspiring. Very much in the same vein as the style of Flora Bowley’s workshop. If  I need some new ways to approach the canvas I will try out some of the ideas here. Though have to say, the painting is still flowing pretty well. I’m doing about an hour most days, which is long enough to give the canvas another layer. So nice to finally, finally be painting. Why did I wait so long ?

4.Seeing the town decked out in garlands. Need I say more. It just looks so festive.

5.The wonderful Orkestra Del Sol in concert – I might just have to go again.


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5 thoughts on “Five on a Friday

  1. Hello Starry Blue…thank you for the book recommendation, I just might have to get it if it’s similiar in concept to Flora’s style. I’ve been wanting to try those techniques and this migh be a fantastic guide to help me!

    Thank you again. I love your Friday Fives. Fun!

  2. Hi Rhiannon, do you know the name of Rafven’s album? I’m looking for it and can’t seem to locate it online.

    any help would be great. I want to hear their sound.


  3. Hi Emily Jane – Thanks for popping in and commenting. The book I mentioned is not exactly like Flora’s style, but some of the approach is similar. But the good news is that Flora is also writing a book which is due out next year !

    As far as Rafven goes, their website does link to some music, but you have to sort of guess your way through the Swedish . I think it is under Ljud/video.
    Also there is a myspace site for them , which has music which is easier to find –

    Maybe you’d like to do a Five on a Friday of your own ? I like to have regular guest posters for this section.

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