Five on a Friday

Daisies - Cushion

Another little round up of things that have been making me smile this week.

1. Seeing my Polaroid images ” come to life”  as they turn into cushions. This one is a lovely cheerful daisy image.

2. Seeing Cassandra Harrison’s Connecting Thread exhibition opening at CraftHouseConcept . (If you are in Edinburgh go and have a wee look.)

3. Discovering some new Etsy favourites via the Decor8 blog. And yes, I did make one little purchase that I can’t wait to see – it will probably be going in my studio. The space is basically white walls and I am adding little splashes of colour.

4. Seeing my friend Tara’s  shiny new website that really shows off her artwork beautifully. Go and have a wee peek.

5. Keeping a bowl of lemons in my studio so  that I can add a squeeze of lemon with the gallons of water I seem to drink every day. Creating is thirsty work !


Studio Newsletter went out today – as usual there is a little subscriber bonus. If you’d like a copy you can get it with my “catch up” mailing later today. The sign up form is on the right at the top.


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