My Creative Space – Thursday

My creative spaceMy creative space this Thursday is one where the printer is in full swing printing more of  my Polaroid Paintings on to the wonderful heavy art papers. So far I’ve kept to my previous sizes of  5 inch square and 8 inch square , but once I have caught up with those sizes I will start to introduce some bigger prints. I’m really curious to see them , as the larger the image gets , the harder it is to imagine the original as a small Polaroid shot.

There is still work being done on the cushions, but today is definitely a day for printing.

You can find more Creative Spaces over here .

Usually my Studio Newsletter would go out today, but I’m having a little technical issue that I’m trying to resolve so chances are it won’t be out until tomorrow. If you’d like a copy you can sign up here – and grab a few printable downloads into the bargain.


4 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Thursday

  1. Hi Rhiannon! These look wonderful. I like your style. I received one of your cards from the postcards swap and it’s amazing. Thanks a lot! It’s the one of a balcony with flowers. Really love it! 🙂

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