Five on a Friday ( makes a return visit)

I haven’t done any “5 on a Friday”s for a while as I felt I needed a little breather from them. Some routines are good – but not when it becomes a habit for the sake of it. But now I’m gathering a few new favourites again so it is time for another five. ( By the way, if you’d like to contribute your 5 just let me know ).

Water Paper Paint  – by Heather Smith Jones

I first heard about this book when Geninne wrote about her contribution to it. So, even though it is more about water colour than acrylic, which is my current interest, I couldn’t resist ordering the book. And I’m not sorry I did. It’s one of those books that is nice right from the cover, with a kind of water colour paper texture. Inside there is a section to cover the basics and then 30 project based chapters . I know that I am going to enjoy dipping into the book and trying out some of the techniques and I can also see how some ideas might spill over into use with other types of paint or ink.

Foam “Brushes” for paint

Actually, I used to use these for silk painting as they hold the fluid really well – but it was a new idea (from Flora Bowley) to use them for any other kind of paint. They are great to use with acrylics but I’m guessing they would be good with watercolours as well.

Wreck this App

Based on “Wreck This Book” by Keri Smith

Apologies to non Apple using folk, but I had to include this one as it is one of my newest “favourite things”. I was not so keen on the book it was inspired by as I don’t really like wrecking books ( apart from very old ones that have served their purpose). But moving it into an app format takes it to a completely different level. It is the perfect tool for doing some doodles when you are stuck with something and need something to give you a jolt in a new direction. There are a variety of tools, paint brush, eraser, smudge tool , scissors etc and so far I’ve only scraped the surface of what could be possible. I think its main value is in getting you unstuck, but if you do happen to create a mini masterpiece you can save it , or email it on.

The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron

I’ve had this book for a little while , but never given it more than a quick glance.  It has  the same foundation as The Artist’s Way, with the basic tools of Morning Pages and Artist’s Dates plus a daily walk. However the rest of the book is short essays of a couple of pages followed by an exercise. I think I will incorporate this into my daily routine for the next month or so. I find little nudges of encouragement to be very effective.


Have you thought of doing a podcast but been daunted by the technical details ? Then have a look at AudioBoo. This site makes it unbelievably easy to record your message and get it out into the world. They are no more than five minutes long, can be recorded using the microphone on your computer or phone and made pretty with a photo. It’s that easy  – record and upload – no need to edit or do other tweaks. You can preview it , discard , record another until you are happy. But I mostly upload my first recording.  If you’d like to hear what I’ve been saying you can find them here. And if you start to do your own AudioBoo ( or podcast) please let me know as I’d love to listen in.

( If you’d really like to do a podcast I can recommend trying to find a workshop run by Inner Ear they were very easy to learn from )

Japanese Washi Tape

I’ve seen people use these tapes  before, but never bought any. However recently I noticed that Paperchase have started to stock them and I couldn’t resist trying out a couple. They make wrapping up parcels much prettier but also have a lot of crafty applications. Very lovely.


Studio Newsletter with interesting snippets and subscriber bonuses will be out next week. August is my birthday month so I usually plan something special. If you’d like your copy you can subscribe here.


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