My Creative Space – Thursday

As I’ve been doing some other tasks this week my studio has taken on a bit of a different shape so I thought it would be nice to join in with the Creative Space blog.

I don’t have any aspirations to do enormous amounts of sewing, but I do enjoy using this machine. It was a present from my Oma and Opa when I left High School and yes – I do like that this object keeps a connection. Opa thought that some kind of jewellery was a more appropriate school leaving gift, but I asked for a sewing machine instead. And I’m so pleased that it still works well a very very long time later. There is some precendent in my family for choosing the practical over the glamourous – my great grandmother requested a tea pot instead of an engagement ring.

A few people have asked me when my cushions will be available – if you are a subscriber to my Studio Newsletter you will be the first to know. And August is my birthday month so there will probably be a little something extra. Just saying.


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