Travel Tuesday – Tallinn, Estonia

tallinndoorsI have a bit of a soft spot for doors ( and windows too, for that matter, but here I’m keeping it with doors) and of all the places I’ve visited Tallinn , the capital of Estonia, has some of the best. In the old part of the city nearly every door has something interesting  about it.

Tallinn was one of my “12 cities”. This project has had to take a bit of a back seat over the last few months. With the whole moving house saga there just wasn’t enough time to work on everything. But now that I am a bit more settled I’m starting to pick up some of the threads and working to get prints prepared from all the cities.

Of course, an esssential element to my travels in any city is to find a great cafe. When I am working on a Polaroid I need a cup of something hot to warm the photograph on before I start to manipulate it. And of course a bit of space to work away on it quietly as sometimes it can take an hour or so to do this part of the process. But to make it into my little book as a favourite there needs to be a bit more than just a hot beverage. This little cafe , Chocolaterie de Pierre ,makes the grade on quite a few levels. Tucked away in a courtyard, there are seats outside, however it was a little chilly when I was there so I opted for the cosy space inside. Colourful and eclectic with interesting objects and a rather red velvety  theatrical mood, the cakes are delicious, but the hot chocolate is what it is particularly famous for . Another comprehensive review of this cafe is over here at Europe a la Carte. A little return visit might be in order.


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