Work in Progress

The Third Canvas

The Third Canvas

This is the still uncompleted third canvas that I started during the Flora Bowley workshop.  It has gone through quite a few changes since the workshop. It was my least favourite and least completed canvas during the workshop but maybe because  I don’t have any more big canvases to work on yet I’ve been delaying finishing this one ? And with acrylic it is so tempting to paint over and keep going. Someone , when asked how they know a painting is done replied “when there is nothing more that annoys me”. Someone else hangs it on their wall for a bit to judge if they are done.

How do you know when a painting or piece of artwork is “done” ?

By the way, this is what the painting looked like when I left the workshop.

Also, I won’t be drawing the winner of my giveaway print until tomorrow.  So if you’d like the “catch up ” mailing and to be in with a chance you can subscribe here.

The Third Canvas Before

The Third Canvas Before



6 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Wow, I love where it is now Rhiannon! Really enjoying those colours.

    I’m still ‘working’ on my third canvas too; I’ve done a bit since I got home but am not happy with it and with no idea where to take it it has been sitting idle for weeks! You’ve given me some renewed inspiration to take another look at it!

  2. Really like the colours and its very inspiring too!

    Been following you on Twitter for a while now, but only subscribed to your blog properly in the last few days – thank you for the subscriber freebie too, that was a nice touch, and great artwork! 😉

  3. Wow, I love the new colors! You are really going to town!! I’ve got a borrowed easel and I’m heading to the art store after work tomorrow for some canvas. I’m looking forward to getting back to this!

  4. I love the direction and color choice this painting has taken! I too struggle when knowing a painting is “done” – though to be fair I believe it has to do with my inability to let go of attachement! Really though, I think it’s done whenever it feels right to you.

    You’ve re-inspired me to work on the paintings from the class (none of which are done!). I can’t wait to see how they all unfold! xx

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