Meet The Blogger – Amsterdam

Meet The Blogger - Amsterdam

Meet The Blogger - Amsterdam - Iphonography

Last week I was off in Holland for a few days and the  main reason for going was so that I could attend the ( first) Meet The Blogger event. While I had the idea at the start of the year to attend as many offline events as I could , Lise, of Urban Style Vibes, was taking this one step further and decided to organise one herself !

The meeting was themed around Holly Becker (and Joanna Copestick’s) recent book “Decorate” so that sealed my decision to attend. I’ve always had a bit of an interior design “thing” going on in the background.

The meetup was held in the very lovely foyer of Hotel V and started with a presentation by Holly on how she came to blogging and how that in turn led to writing a book. She shared her story in a very warm and generous manner, so if you get the chance to go and hear her speak somewhere – do go ! The meeting was partly sponsored by Lily’s Cupcakes who also gave an interesting talk on how they had the idea and went about creating the brand around their Lily character. They also brought along a good supply of their cupcakes for us to taste – delicious. Finally Flavourites also gave a presentation, probably less well known outside Holland, they are a curated collection of webshops – with a focus on Dutch shops.

But while presentations are the structure for these events at least half the fun is to be able to meet people “in real life”. There were a few people whose blogs I already read and enjoy and others that are new discoveries. The hardest thing, with a group of a hundred or so, is finding the people you have read online, when you don’t know what they look like. ( Let’s face it, most avatars don’t tell much ). And also just to get round the group and meet as many people as possible.

And finally we left with rather lovely goodie bags including magazines from VT Wonen and 101 Woonidees who also sponsored and attended the event. They are amongst my favourite interior magazines so that was yet another bonus.

I didn’t take many  photos. I’ve noticed that I take very few at all of these meetups. I’m not quite sure why, but I am starting to guess that when I take photos I switch into a different mode which  is not entirely compatible with just being present and connecting with people.

Anyway, there are a lot of other good write ups of the event , many with more pictures so I’ll link to a few of them here.

Lise, from Urban Style Vibes, who had the idea and organised it all writes here.

This post by Arianna Interiors from London really captures the event in images .

Mariska Meijers, who makes beautiful interior products, captured the mood at the book signing afterwards.

A review in Dutch from the VTWonen site.

A lovely post with images from the book shop window by  Marianne.

And of course Holly’s own review of the event – again with lots of great images .

I could link to more, but I’ll keep it and that and end with a huge encouragement to anyone who blogs or feels that the online world is taking up too much time – get out from behind your computer and attend some meetups !


( In other news, the next Studio  Newsletter is out tomorrow – and I’m doing a giveaway of a new Polaroid Painting to one subscriber. If you’d like to be in with a chance you can sign up  here. )


3 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger – Amsterdam

  1. Hello Rhiannon, I don’t think we did meet in Amsterdam at Meet the Blogger, but thank you very much for your comment. I did enjoy the event and meeting so many other bloggers. As I said in my post about the day, I do feel there is a community around blogging and so fun to meet up. If you are in London, please let me know, maybe we can meet here.

    My best, Kelly

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