Travel Tuesday – Maramures

Sighet Market 1988

Sighet Market 1988

This is the photo that I really wanted to use on last week’s Travel Tuesday post, but couldn’t lay my hands on it. This was taken in 1988 in Sighet , the main town in Maramures. Reading William Blacker’s book “Along the Enchanted Way” brought back a lot of memories from that trip and from a previous one a few years earlier. At one point he described going to the market and seeing people who had gathered up whatever they had to sell, some eggs,berries, vegetables. And straight away I remembered this photo.

Both of these trips had a bias towards dance and ethnography and in 1988 we had the luxury of two weeks travelling around Maramures, learning dances, dancing in the villages and seeing the old traditional skills in action. None of the tours that I guided round Romania later on went to Maramures at all ( they just went everywhere else ! ) and I’m curious to see it again.

Reading list if you are interested in knowing more –
The marvelous “Between the Woods and the Water” by Patrick Leigh Fermor,
“Along the Enchanted Way” by William Blacker
and “Land of Green Plums” by Herta Muller also gives a different insight, into life in the Romanian Saxon community during the Communist period.


3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Maramures

  1. This looks amazing R! I wish I had gotten the chance to properly see Romania. I feel like only seeing Bucharest, Brasov and Bran does not give an adequate or proper overview of the countries people, history or culture

    Next time I’ll just have to plan out a trip with you to visit there 😉

  2. Thank you very much for your honest and helpful answer to my Photoshop-question! Yes, I think you´re right: Photoshop is an interesting tool and I´m now convinced to use it as well. In the meantime I found a free download from Photoscape and that one is great too. But I will purchase the Elements-version of Photoshop as well, since it´s quite intriguing me 🙂
    Happy day to you and best greetings, Marjolijn

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