Polaroid Painting – behind the scenes.

Forth Rail Bridge - Polaroid Painting

Forth Rail Bridge - Polaroid Painting

I thought it would be fun to try and do a little video showing the process of doing a “Polaroid Painting”. I still have quite a bit to learn about making and editing videos, but still, this gives a little glimpse at how I create these images. This is another new one , again using the Artistic TZ film – and so requires some colour adjustments after I’ve done the manipulation.

Next Studio Newsletter out later today – if you’d like a copy you can get it here .


6 thoughts on “Polaroid Painting – behind the scenes.

  1. Unfortunately, no sound so it’s hard to undersatnd what youa re doing. It’s also very difficult to see what tools you are using – watercolour pencils ? an eraser ? More info please !

  2. Hi Cheryl, thanks for commenting. I didn’t really intend it as a “how to” video , so didn’t put a voice over or any explanation – it was more just a peek at the process.

    I should do another one more with some audio and more detail about what is going on.

    Tools used here.. an old stylus and magnifying glass. Other tools could be anything a teaspoon, a paper clip, a clay working tool….

  3. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder while you did this. I am thrilled that it looks like the TZ film is going to work for you! When I tried this process years ago I didn’t think to use a magnifying glass (but it really could have helped). The finished piece is beautiful!

  4. Brilliant video! The time is must have taken to learn how to create it then do it has resulted in something really good! And as always, the artwork is lovely, too.

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