Not Quite Hot Off The Press… New Work.

"The Sea Kist" ,South Queensferry"

"The Sea Kist" ,South Queensferry"

With gorgeous light this morning I headed out to take a few shots  before breakfast. And the one advantage of working close to home is that I could scan the shots before I worked on them. I had intended to use some of the new Impossible film , possibly the most recent colour version. But I still had some of the “Artistic” TZ film in the camera I had to hand, so that’s what I used instead.

The good thing about this film is that it manipulates well. The bad thing ( or at least the thing that I don’t necessarily want to emphasise with every shot) is the rather wierd colour mix.  So , not only does the image have to be manipulated it also has to be “tweaked” to get a result that I am happy about.

A few times recently I’ve had conversations about whether this or that ( photoshop in particular) is “cheating”.  As far as I’m concerned, since I am not photographing in a journalistic manner where I need to accurately represent “the truth” , anything I need to do , to create an image that I am happy with, is fair game. I am pretty sure that Rembrandt and Van Gogh would have made full use of all these modern tools had they had them around !

So you can see for yourself what I’ve done  – here are two more shots. The first is the unmanipulated version , and then the half way stage of manipulated or “smooshed” as I call it, before the colour tweaking was done.

From Camera

Smooshed but not Tweaked

A few people have asked me if I could put together some kind of a “how to ” guide to all this, so I am working on that at the moment. If you subscribe to the Studio Newsletter you will be the first to hear about it. This month’s issue will be out later this week and if you’d like a copy you can make sure you get it here.


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