Monday Moodboard

Monday Moodboard 24

Now that I’ve tracked down where the new home for the moodboards is, I’ll add one for this week. We’ve had some lovely summery days but today all around my studio is rainy and blustery.

Mr Bauman was a rainy character  by Baboucherouge

Raindrops Lariat Necklace  by Kosmika

Whimsical Rain Earrings by Miskay

Brooch – Rainy Cloud by LaCravatteDuChien


Tomorrow I’ll be back with my final review of the Do What You Love retreat – on the painting workshop. I’m still not sure I can put it all into words, but I’ll have a go.

If  you didn’t manage to go to the retreat you could still get a flavour of it by joining the Do What  You Love e-course. I didn’t do the previous one myself, but I’m guessing it was pretty inspirational.

Also on the menu this week is shooting and reviewing some of the latest films from the Impossible Project.

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