Iphonography Resources ( Part 3)

Blossom(Using Dynamic Light app on an existing shot)

I  have not abandoned my other cameras – the “Big” Canon and all the assorted Polaroids ,Holgas and others still get their turn – but there is a lot to be said for the camera that is always handy. And that is, of course, the camera phone. If it was just a straight forward camera Idon’t think it would have so much appeal, but the fact that you can shoot with all kinds of different apps and then manipulate the results inphone just gives endless possibilities.

In a couple of previous posts here  and here I gave a few of my favourite apps. Recently I’ve added a few more to my collection. What I like most are the apps that allow some degree of tweaking. So if a result seems too extreme you can tone it down a little. Or make it exagerated. Without carrying a laptop around and working on it, this is the closest I can get to taking some shots and then working on them in a cafe, as I did with Polaroids.

My latest favourites are ones that use HDR  (High Dynamic Range ) – Pro HDR and Dynamic Light.   The former is for situations where you use this technique to take your shot and the latter to give a bit of a similar spin on an existing shot.

Bridge HDRAnd for comparison the same scene shot with just the normal camera.

Bridge Without HDR

And a shot which has been put through the Dynamic Light app afterwards.

Using Dynamic Light app

Also having a go with some time lapse shots with the Timelapse app – hopefully have something to show from that in a few days. And finally, a little silly , but now and again fun to try , the Little Planets app which will turn your image into a world of its own .

Tiny Planets - Forth Road Bridge

These phone cameras and apps in no way replace the kind of images you can take with more substantial cameras but I feel they have their place within the whole image -making spectrum.


In other news, my Etsy shop  is due for a major overhaul sometime soon, so if you have your eye on something snap it up now. If you’d like to be the first to know about new developments and other secrets then sign up for the Studio Newsletter here.


2 thoughts on “Iphonography Resources ( Part 3)

  1. I had just posted on my facebook that maybe it was time to get an iPhone and you were one of the inspirations for that. I love how you compared working on your iPhone images to working on your polaroids in a cafe.

    I agree that phone cameras will never replace our “real” cameras, but for a quick fix of creative energy, I don’t think you can beat what the iPhone can create.


  2. Oops – sorry about that ! I went from old phone circa 1998 to iphone. Still hardly phone with it but do love the creative possibilties. Look forward to seeing what you will create with it.

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