Five on a Friday – Michael Nobbs.


Today’s Five on a Friday comes from Michael Nobbs  an inspirational artist based in Wales.

He  is a full-time artist, blogger and tea drinker (not necessarily in that order). He is the author of the popular blog  Sustainably Creative and regularly publishes  The Beany  , an illustrated journal of his life. In the late 1990s he was ME/CFS  and, over the last decade, has learnt a lot about sustaining a creative career with limited energy. He recently published an ebook on the subject,  Sustainable Creativity

I’m a big fan of the daily ritual of elevenses ; If you don’t know, elevenses is the rather British institution of sitting down at about eleven o’ clock for a cup of something hot and maybe a sweet treat.

I firmly believe that pausing for a short while in the middle of the morning is a wonderful creative tool. It helps us slow down and take stock of our day so far, giving us a lovely opportunity to make sure we’re focusing our time and energy where we really want to be. If you don’t already  indulge in elevenses today could be the say to start.

Here are five of my favourite elevenses treats (mix and match one or two for the perfect elevenses experience):

1. A pot of tea. I always make my tea in a pot (and usually use loose leaf tea). There is something special about taking the time to warm a tea pot, spoon in just the right amount of tea for your taste, and then wait patiently while the tea steeps for a few minutes. Tea , made in a pot, is something to savour.

2. A slice of homemade cake. Baking is another excellent creative tool. Done quietly and without distraction baking is is a mindful activity that not only provides something delicious to enjoy for out elevenses treat but also gives us time to ponder and muse over our creative ideas. My personal favourite cake is a lemon sponge  filled with (homemade) raspberry jam.

3. Toasted and buttered crumpet. I love crumpets. You can make your own  but I usually buy mine and keep a stock in the freezer. On days when I don’t particularly fancy a sweet treat for my elevenses and toasted and buttered crumpet is perfect with a cup of tea. To sweeten things up a little a spoonful of honey on top is just the thing.

4. Coffee. Sometimes, especially in the winter, the only hot elevenses drink that will do is a steamy mug of milky coffee. Like with tea, I like to  make my coffee in a pot

5. A piece of chocolate. I often have a bar of chocolate on the go. I’m surprised how I manage to make it last. Often a piece of chocolate is a treat I reserve for finishing a piece of work, but sometimes it is the perfect accompaniment to a mug of coffee or a cup of tea as my studio clock strikes eleven .This is my current favourite chocolate treat.


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