Etsy Favourite – Pamela Angus

Glass Garland by Pamela Angus

Glass Garland by Pamela Angus

I’ve decided to do a series of Etsy Favourites on the next few Wednesdays. Sometimes I’ll mention a shop I have actually purchased from and at other times sellers whose work I have admired for a while.

In this case, this beautiful piece of stained glass arrived chez moi from La Belle France a couple of days ago. It is already up and  looks wonderful, casting colourful shadows over the white walls. I know I’ll feel cheerful everytime I see it. Which is , after all, the point of decorative items. If it doesn’t lift your mood to have it around, why is it there ?

Pamela herself is Irish, living in France and, in addition to the glass garlands, creates all kinds of other glass inspired decorative items. Some of the most recent have been quill pens recreated in glass and secured in original old glass bottles.

poets and writers series 1.1 by Pamela Angus

Poets and Writers series 1.1 by Pamela Angus

You can find her at PamelaAngus on Etsy and her blog here where she writes about work in progress and life in rural France.


6 thoughts on “Etsy Favourite – Pamela Angus

  1. Thanks for popping in and commenting.
    Btw – usually will post this on a Wednesday, but this week a Thursday as I wanted to make sure Pamela’s Etsy shop was open again after her holiday.

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