Book Recommendation – Craving Success by Melody Biringer.

Craving Success

Craving Success

The latest book I’ve read around the topic of business and entrepreneurship is “Craving Success”  by Melody Biringer. Even if you are a very busy person this book will be quick to read and easy to digest.

By going back over her experience setting up around 20 businesses she has evaluated the lessons learned. What she would avoid in future and what contributed to her success.  The book is a must read for anyone starting a venture, or considering doing so. Even established busineses  would probably identify a few useful lessons here. Don’t take another step towards setting up your business without reading it !

You can get a hard copy version or, if you are like me  and impatient , also an E- book – both available from the Crave Company website.

Melody’s current venture, The Crave Company is already well known in the US as a resource for female entrepreneurs to raise their profile and network via a city based publication and events. Last year an Amsterdam edition was launched and this year is the turn of The Hague. Let’s hope some other places in Europe will also be lucky enough to join in soon.

(She also  did a series of video interviews around some of the topics in her book , together with Andy Hayes – you can find them here –  well worth a look to whet your appetite.)


2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation – Craving Success by Melody Biringer.

  1. Hi Dianne, Hope you enjoy it – Maybe there is a Crave network in your city ?

    Oh – and good luck with the move – I know all about moving studio ! Am starting to enjoy my new place now though.

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