Impossible PX680 Test.

Tulips with PX690 - Impossible Film

Tulips with PX690 - Impossible Film

As you might remember from a very happy post I wrote some months back, I was selected to be part of the Impossible Project pool of test photographers.

After a couple of months of patiently waiting we finally got our film. I shot 2 packs so that is 16 images. Most of the photos had some white speckling to greater or lesser degree but this is apparently due to a mixing issue which will be resolved by the time the next batch goes out. White dots aside, I was pretty impressed with the film. The colours are getting closer to the qualities that I loved in the old Polaroid films. I deliberately set out to see how the film would respond to colour by choosing red tulips , a bright pink vase and blue cloth.  Although it didn’t render them perfectly I was pleased with general quality. The film is also becoming easier to handle – it needs protection from light still, but is no longer so sensitive to temperature.

I  am really looking forward to getting a few more packs and seeing how it will manipulate. ( I did try one manipulation with moderate success, but in shooting this set I was more concentrated on seeing what kind of colours I could obtain.)

If you want to find out more about the Impossible Project and the films they currently have available you can do so here.


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