Five on a Friday – Guest Post by Cynthia Morris.


Never Hide by Cynthia Morris

Never Hide by Cynthia Morris

Continuing my series of guest posts in this “Five on a Friday” slot. This week  comes  from Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse.

Bio:  Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs make their brilliant ideas a reality. A certified coach for over eleven years, Cynthia leads writing and creativity workshops in Europe and the US. Cynthia has authored several e-guides on writing and creative travel as well as over 500 articles on the creative process. Get free inspiration from Cynthia’s web TV show, Juju Infusion and her newsletter, Impulses, at

I particularly love her “Juju Infusion” videos which are perfect for a a little creative boost. And if you are struggling to start or finish a project have a look at her courses. I’ve worked with her myself in the past and it definitely helped me to gain momentum.

Top Five Places to Meet Your Lover, Er, Your Muse

You know the feeling – you’re so fired up by your creativity that making time for your Muse feels like sweet rendez-vous with a lover. Don’t wait for those long interludes together; capture creative quickies throughout the day. Here are my five favorite places to enjoy my Muse while the inspiration is hot.

1. Behind the wheel. Something about movement gets our creative juices flowing. Inspiration can come fast and furious when you’re driving, so don’t wait to capture it. You might want to pull over to grab down your ideas, or, if you’re so inclined, get one of those mini voice recorders to capture the brilliance. Or, get one of those handy dashboard notepads for easy jotting.

2.In the bath. Water often infuses us with creative lust, whether it’s a walk by a stream, an afternoon at the beach, or a soak in the bath.  Waterproof art supplies not necessary; the drip of water on paper can add a sexy wave to the completed product.

3. On public transportation. The lull and rhythm of a train, the buzz of humanity on a bus can often spark something. Before you know it, you’ll be having so much fun all the other commuters will want what you’re having in seat 3B.

4. In line at the bank or post office. Everyone else is bored, angry or impatient, but you’re consumed with creative fire. The queue will move faster than you want it to. (I’ve written entire articles waiting at the post office!)

5. In bed. Either first thing in the morning or before sleep, when our body and mind are still and receptive, can be a great time for creative insight. Sometimes we bemoan the lack of time and want to grab a few extra minutes in bed. Put the two together and write among the sheets in the cozy zone!

Where are your favorite places to meet your Muse? Leave a comment and let me know.



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If you would like to give your choice of “Five on a Friday” just let me know by comment or email.


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