February is a Heart Shaped Month… a Mini Tutorial

Heart Card

Heart Card

If a month has a shape then February is a heart – whether you like it or not, that’s just the way it is. I get a little weary of all the seas of red hearts though so I’ve gone for a green version . I often have photos lying around that didn’t quite make the  grade and I hate to feel anything is being wasted so I’m always on the lookout for ways to recycle these spares. I also have a rather magpie like tendancy with other papers so any ways to use them too are always welcome.

Just before Christmas I did a paper workshop with Lucy Roscoe which I wrote about here . One the the things we made was a little 3d Christmas tree card. I’ve had another go, this time with a heart shape.  A very basic explanation is


Folded white card blank, or card to make one.

Some oddments of photos or paper.

Large needle – On the workshop we used special needles, but I just used a largish domestic needle this time.

Thread – Again, I didn’t have the waxed thread we used so just improvised with domestic thread, but doubled.

How to –

Fold selected papers in half. Either create a heart shaped template and cut round it or cut one heart freehand. Use the first heart to cut the others to exactly the same shape.

Using the needle make three holes in the centre of the heart , along the fold , with one in the centre and the other two towards each edge.

Carefully lay the hearts on the card where you would like to place them and make three holes in the card too.

Hold all layers of hearts together and with threaded needle attach to card. Start with the central (1)  hole from the inside out, leaving a length of thread to tie later.

Then stitch from the top hole (2) outside to inside. Then go through the bottom hole (3)  inside to outside.  Then go back through the centre  hole outside to inside.

Make sure it is tight and then tie. ( This is called pamphlet stitch – and if I have not explained it clearly here is a really clear explanation by Sarah Nielson )

Of course you could adapt this technique to any shape.

loose hearts

loose hearts

Stitch Diagram

Stitch Diagram

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