Five Tools to Help Keep the Show on the Road

wooden magnets and brooches

wooden magnets and brooches

I am always on the look out for ways to work more efficiently  and to minimise the amount of time I spend online. Here are a few of the tools that I use to help me achieve that.

Google Alerts

If you haven’t tried this yet then I really recommend you have a go. You can set up alerts for your own business name and see if you are mentioned anywhere online. Or you can set up alerts for things that you are interested in. Very efficient and very useful. I have found out about exhibition opportunities, seminars and places to buy film using this. As well as being able to see when you are referenced elsewhere.

followed by

Google Analytics

Again , a free tool to help you see who is visiting your site , how long they stay and other useful details. There are some good explanation on the Etsy site about how it all works – here.

Drop box

I’m planning a few trips during the next little while so have been setting myself up with DropBox. I’ve done a few trials with it, but will be testing it out “for real” next week. Looks good so far. Have you had good experiences with it ? Do you have a different method for accessing your material while travelling ?


More for fun than a work tool, but I like it because things can be posted quickly and easily by email and this makes it easy to update while travelling. Also, you can forward posts to your other accounts such as Twitter and Facebook which  keeps things streamlined when you are away from your normal base.

And then  extremely low -tech  “pinger”

What more can I say. Kitchen timer or Iphone alarm or any shade in between. I swear by setting a timer for 15 minutes. Once I get going I set the time for 45 -55 minute chunks – works much better than just working “all the time”.

And one for luck – SocialOomph.

Again , a new one for me, but so far it looks very interesting. I am all for anything that will help me be efficient in terms of all those  places online that need updates and food every day. I’d like to be spending more time taking photos and working on design projects and less time tending to these things. Hopefully this will be one way to achieve that aim.

Do you have any favourites you’d like to add ?


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6 thoughts on “Five Tools to Help Keep the Show on the Road

  1. thanks that tip for google alerts is a good one

    pre blogging is my biggie and setting up a file for blogging ideas so you aren’t casting about desperately

    tweepi is good for making the following / unfollowing in twitter easier to handle

    I’m a huge fan of social oomph – its a really good way to expose potential readers to your back content.

  2. Thanks for these tips. I just did set the Google Alarm and will see soon how it works. I used to check my Analytics but recently I’ve been slacking on this.


  3. My whole life is in Dropbox. It means I can switch seamlessly from my main PC to my laptop without shifting files around. I’ve paid for the extra space because most of my files are huge Photoshop and Illustrator files. I also love that you can share folders now – less reasons for Al and I to actually need to talk to each other! – plus the public sharing option is brilliant for sending large files to clients.

    It also saved my life when I was doing my degree – Excel decided to overwrite some data in Word (new “feature” in Word 2007) and therefore delete hours and hours of work, but as Dropbox saved the older versions I could recover it. It was over 10 hours of work – there was definitely some crying and panic while Al tried to work out if there was a solution!

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