More Colour Thoughts – The “Illustrated Discovery Journal”

Illustrated Journal Pages

Illustrated Journal Pages

Illustrated Journal Pages

Illustrated Journal Pages

I’d forgotten about this tool which used to be such a favourite, until I dug out one of my journals to show a friend who was feeling a little low. I had to do a bit more digging around in my memory before I  retrieved what had prompted me to start making these. It turned out to be from the Simple Abundance book by Sarah Ban Breathnach ( January 28th). In it she suggests getting a hard cover journal and every evening before sleeping making a little colour collage from magazine snippets.

I suppose it was the fore runner of the moodboards/vision boards/dream boards. I dated each page so it has an extra appeal for me to see how the images reflect what was going on in my life at the time. I was creating these more than  ten years ago, and looking through them I see lots of images of Italy and especially Venice.  In the meantime I have visited many times. Or there’s  an image by an artist whose work I now have hanging on a wall. I’m tempted to pick up the habit again for a few months along with my “palette collection ” exercise. If you in any way feel that you don’t know what you like, or what your dreams are this is one technique I really recommend.

I also owe this book a HUGE debt of gratitude as it led me to the Artist’s Way. I can not say enough good things about the AW methods for living more creatively, finding out what makes you happy and generally having more fun. ( All of which also makes you nicer to be around ! ) I’ve done the AW on my own first of all, and then together with a friend. If that seems to daunting you could also look for a group to work with. If you are in central Scotland Mary Gordon runs regular classes in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  See her selection of “Five on a Friday ” later this week.

Illustrated Journal Page

Illustrated Journal Page


One thought on “More Colour Thoughts – The “Illustrated Discovery Journal”

  1. Thanks for a peek into your journals, Rhiannon. I love them. I love the idea of doing them, but I always get caught up in the magazines when searching for images.

    I, too, was transformed by The Artist’s Way. It absolutely changed my life, gave me courage and many of the tenets in it form the basis of my work as a coach. Thanks for reminding us about it.

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