Five on a Friday – Guest Post by Cassandra Harrison

Cassandra Harrison - Edinburgh

Cassandra Harrison - Edinburgh

This week the first in a series of “Five on a Friday” Guest posts. ( If you would like to contribute yours, just email me or leave a comment.)

Cassandra Harrison is a print and textile artist, originally from Nebraska and now living in Edinburgh. She creates delightful decorative pieces based on such things as Edinburgh tenements and landmarks from other cities. She will also create pieces to commission. In addition she is part way through a project that has seen her research her family history from England to America and back. The resulting art work will be on display at a variety of locations after a preview in Newcastle in April. You can find out more about this project,  “The Connecting Thead – A Personal Psychogeography” here.


Sum: Tales from the afterlives by David Eagleman

I have been reading this book for several weeks now.  It isn’t that I’m a slow reader it’s that I can only take in a few pages at a time. This is a book about forty possibilities of life after death.  Fiction, of course.  The variety of things that can happen (living your  life again, but in order, such as sleeping for 18 years, yawning for ten days, etc) to bizarre reunions and much much more are some of the incredible imaginings by Eagleman.  I love the way this man thinks, so inventive yet sensitive to the human condition.  It’s a brilliant read.

Paul Klee

When I met Klee whilst doing my studies at uni, I fell in love at first sight of ‘Dance, Monster, to my Soft Song.’  I bought books, visited the Klee museum in Switzerland (I was in the area anyway) and even taught my pupils about his works and his methods.  I love it that he experimented with different materials and that music was his muse.

Sandy Skoglund’s ‘Revenge of the Goldfish’

Whilst visiting a friend in Sweden, we decided to venture into Mjellby Konstmuseum.  The museum is in the middle of a field, in a sparsely populated part of the country.  When we entered the room of Sandy’s work, I had to speedily collect my jaw from the ground.  For those of you that are not familiar with her work, please visit here   I find her inspiring and that is mostly down to her artwork ‘Revenge of the Goldfish’.  The image is a scene that she has created then photographed.  The scene is of a dark blue painted room, with a mother and son in a bed.  The room is filled with bright orange ceramic fish.  But my, do they look life-like those fish, swimming into the air and flopping around on the floor and bedside tables. When Sandy decided to create this work, she had had little experience with ceramics.  She had the idea, then learned what was needed to be learned in order to make it happen.  I feel like this is me now, in the process of creating artworks for my touring art installation.  I’ve had the idea, now I am learning how to make it.  Sandy, you have inspired me immensely.

The” big plates” at Gallery of Modern Art ,Edinburgh- by Robert Therrien

I just wanted to run my hands around the edges.  I also wanted to rearrange them so that they were no longer wonky.

Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse

My good friend that knows me so well,  gifted me this book for my birthday.  I was completely delighted to receive this book and spent the entire weekend flicking through the pages, examining the details and reading about the exquisite artists and craft makers.  The book, as explained on its cover ‘showcases the new wave of cool crafting.’  It is inspiring.  I also like that there is a full page dedicated to each maker, giving all sorts of interesting information like what inspires them, where they are from, their philosophies and more.


Thanks for those suggestions Cassandra – a lot of  interesting ideas there !

Behind the scenes here I am knee deep in packing boxes as I clear out my studio ahead of moving. Because of this I have added a lot of extra images to my Etsy Sale section – so if you’ve had your eye on something for a while this is your chance to catch it. I am going to be reviewing my whole range after the move so a lot of the Polaroids won’t be reappearing in the same format.

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