Five on a Friday .

Sunshine on the Castle - Iphonography

Sunshine on the Castle - Iphonography

Picking up the Five on a Friday theme again. And looking for contributions so that it’s a bit more of a mix than just my suggestions. If you’d like to contribute your random mix of favourite books, music, films, websites, designers, cafes, business resources etc – just let me know.

Today’s mix –

If you are in central Scotland the best way to cheer up January is to get along to Celtic Connections. Alongside the local musicians there are usually also performers from other countries. Fortunately for me they have Taraf de Haidouks playing this year, which will satisfy my need to hear some Romanian music.

Currently reading and enjoying –   The Art of Non- Conformity  by Chris Guillebeau. I’ve never had a “proper job” – well, apart from 3 months with a company that shall remain nameless. So he is largely preaching to the converted.  But he has a lot of good ideas about how to structure your life in a way that suits you.  And if I was still in a 9-5 job this book would definitely be on my reading list.

If you’ve been swept along by the trend of choosing a word for the year then do think about getting a little physical token with your word. I’ve had little word charms made by Kathryn Riechert in the past and have just ordered one with this year’s word. (Flourish is the one I chose).

And so that I go about my business smelling sweetly I ordered a set of perfume samples from Sweet Anthem. I think I have just about narrowed them down to a favourite . I’ve passed them around for friends and family to have a sniff and nearly everyone liked at least one of the five I’d chosen. If you work your way around the big perfume counters and still can’t find something you like then this might be an answer.

And I’m now firmly in the run up to moving – maybe as soon as in three weeks time.  So bed time reading is turning to interior inspriration. I have a few new favourites one of which is Handmade Living by Lotta Jansdotter.


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