December View – Paper Magic and Word of the Year.

Paper Star - Iphonography

Paper Star - Iphonography

At the last Granny Green’s session Lynn explained how to make these paper stars out of paper or discarded flyers.  They look quite complicated but are not that tricky once you get going. I decided to give mine a home at the top of the tree. Next year, when I have a little more time to prepare them there might be a whole garland of them decorating a corner of my home.

Apart from that I’m using this little lull at the end of the year to review 2010 and make plans for 2011. I’ve decided to leave the reverb10 prompts as I was finding them too scattered in approach and not actually helping  too much. I  might revisit the odd one, but am preferring to use some other prompts to do the job.

One task is to choose a word for 2011. I’ve done this for the last 3 years, after reading about it on Christine Kane’s blog. For the last few years she has invited people to share their experience of choosing a word and I contributed to this with my first word “Reveal”. If you are interested in having a go CK also has a download to guide you to choose your word . I think more about my general aims for the year and see what pops into my head.  If you are choosing a word feel free say what it is in the comments.


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