Difficult But Not Impossible…

PX70 Colour Shade Push - Bottles

PX70 Colour Shade Push - Bottles

I was very keen to be one of the Impossible Project’s “official testers”. And I’m  delighted to announce that it is difficult, but not impossible to be selected ! I had to keep it a secret for a couple of weeks which was very hard to do. Seeing the work from the others who were picked I feel flattered to be in such good company – there are a lot of very  interesting shots with an amazing amount of colour. And it really does show that the Impossible Team are well on the way to creating a true colour film. Incidentally, the film can also be manipulated – although I’ve mostly left them “neat” for now, concentrating on getting as much colour as I can.

You can see the latest Impossible Newsletter here with all the selected images as well as other current offers on the film.

And also visit the Original Impulse blog for a chance to win a 12 City Calendar .


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