Try – ( Reverb 10 )

Red Red Poppy - "Polaroid Painting "

Red Red Poppy - "Polaroid Painting "

What I want to try in 2011 is to grow things. I’ve never been particularly green fingered. House plants better be pretty robust or they will not last long in my house.  I had a garden in the past and I paid attention to certain things ( bluebells and other flowers mainly) , but never really tried to grow very much. Soon I’ll have a garden again and I am really keen to learn a bit more about this whole gardening lark. Top of my list is to try and grow ranunculus. ( Any tips ? Is this a difficult flower ? )  I’m also hoping to grow some flowers that are not so easily found in florists to give me some new subjects. However herbs and other “easy to grow ” veggies are also in the running.  Maybe I can be green fingered after all ?


6 thoughts on “Try – ( Reverb 10 )

  1. I wish you luck in your ventures. I tried to keep a few herb pots but they all just dried up and died within a few weeks. Try snap dragons! They are super lovely and interactive. Hm. And big sun flowers although my guess is that they don’t grow here.

  2. I miss growing things, but once I got my cat … who likes to eat EVERYTHING green… plants had to go away.

    but it’s a good thing to get your fingers in the dirt 🙂

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