Which Tool/Implement Would You Not be Without ?

Edinburgh Dusk - Iphonography

Edinburgh Dusk - Iphonography

I started thinking about this the other day , while I was at the paper workshop and Lucy, the artist who was running the workshop , said that one of her essential items was a simple looking object called a bonefolder and used in all kinds of paper work to create a wonderful crisp edge. Very unassuming to look at , but efficient at the job. And I wondered which item I would choose that was similarly outwardly unimpressive but quite essential. For me it would be the tools I use to do the manipulations of my Polaroids . You can use all kinds of things from tooth picks, to the backs of spoons to paper clips. But my preferred implement is a discarded pen that used to belong to a computer tablet. The latter broke and left the premises long ago but the pen has earned its position as “most useful item”. It does go with out saying of course, that my Polaroid camera is even more essential, but I was looking for some kind of unexpected little object.

Do you have an unexpected or unassuming  item that is essential to your work ?


2 thoughts on “Which Tool/Implement Would You Not be Without ?

  1. I’d hate to have to work without my trusty little lint roller – otherwise customers might end up getting a little more than just prints of Max & Molly!!

  2. Bonefolders are wonderful things. I used to use a plastic knife and spoon to do the job of a bonefolder, but a friend of mine who works at a books conservation lab set me up with the real deal and now I love them. Sometimes my desire to make do with what’s around me can make me a little stubborn–but the real bonefolders do make a difference, I’ve learned!

    My essential little tool would be an old credit card or gift card–useful for spreading and mixing paint, for smoothing papers and edges, even for burnishing.

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