Iphonography – The Resources Post – Part 2

Iphonography - The Royal Mile

Iphonography - The Royal Mile

A short addition to my previous Iphone photography resources post.  There I listed a number of apps that I currently use to take photos. However, as with any  other camera, shooting the image is only half the story. Because some of the apps have such interesting effects, especially the Hipstamatic, it is tempting not to do any additional processing. And in fact, I often leave them as shot. However , to rely on that all the time would start to feel quite stale and unadventurous after a while.  So I do recommend getting to grips with some of the apps that are available to do a little “in phone” processing as well. And vary what you use to take the photo. I often take a number of shots of the same or similar subjects. Some with the likes of Hipstamatic and others with the standard camera which I then process a bit more. In that way you can start to develop an individual approach even when shooting with an Iphone ( or other phone camera).

Currently my two favourites for processing are PS Express ( currently a free app) and also PhotoStudio . These tools will let you crop, rotate or straighten your image before making other adjustments. If you have a favourite app related to Iphonography please let me know.


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