Paper Magic – Another December View.

paper bell decoration

Paper decoration

I like paper. And I especially like paper decorations. There is something very satisfying about creating something from almost nothing. And if it is old discarded paper that is being given a new lease of life, so much the better.

So the couple of hours I spent doing a paper cutting workshop were very enjoyable. Actually it was rather a paper cutting meets book binding workshop as both items were stitched together. If you don’t see me for the next couple

of weeks it is because I am staying warm and making paper bells !

3d paper tree card

3d Card with Tree

The workshop was run by Lucy Roscoe of the  Book Tree Press. She creates all kinds of objects out of paper including hot air balloons complete with tiny books in the baskets. As well as all kinds of beautifully illustrated books and sculptural books. Have a look at her website to see for yourself. There will be other workshops in future so keep an eye on the website for those as well as information on the children’s workshops at the Edinburgh Book Festival.


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