Iphonography – The Resources Post – Part 1.

Steps in the Trees

Steps in the Trees Iphonography

So, (with aplogies to those who have so far resisted the lure of the Iphone and those who have phones that need other kinds of magic apps inside them), by request, here is my round up of photo related goodness for Iphones.

Although the phone has a camera as standard even one or two extra apps will make the experience of creating images with your phone much more fun.

As with many other photographers , my first stop is Hipstamatic. This app provides an interchangeable set of films and lenses, and although the basic version gives a few alternates it is worth getting one or two more just to give yourself some variety. In order to see which effects I liked best I worked my way through shooting with each permutation possible. However it is also fun to take the decision out of your hands and by shaking the phone the lense and films change at random.

Next on my list would be Autostitch – this lets you create panoramic shots from a series of images. This works best if you shoot a series with a good overlap from one image to the next.


And finally I like TiltShiftGen – but use this one much more sparingly. This lets you create that “toytown” look but also to get some creative effects with selective focus in general.

Once the image has been shot, with the standard camera or with Hipstamatic then you can move on to any extra tweaking. Often images shot with Hipstamatic don’t need much else – but it can be interesting to convert them to black and white and see how that looks. If  I’m going to do any processing I like both PhotoStudio and PSExpress. Both offer easy ways to adjust exposure, saturation and contrast as well as other filters or border effects.  As with any other camera, the trick is to shoot as much as possible and then review to see what worked well.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, purely the ones that I prefer at the moment. If you have some favourites you think I should try out please let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Iphonography – The Resources Post – Part 1.

  1. I use Instagram. It loads the image straight on to Twitter. You can do a few fancy things with the photo (black and White, high contrast, make photo look like it was taken in the 70’s) before tweeting.

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