Snowy Edinburgh – Iphonography

Snowy Edinburgh - IphonographySnowy Edinburgh  – Iphonography

The earliest snow for 17 years apparently. November is far too early for snow in my book ! Still, always good for some photos. The next edition of my Studio Newsletter is out this week – if you’d like to get a copy you can subscribe here.

I’ve just upgraded my subscriber bonus to a downloadable pack of goodies , so you’ll get that as well. ( And if you already subscribe but would like them as well, just let me know and I’ll send you a link)


3 thoughts on “Snowy Edinburgh – Iphonography

  1. i know its amazing ! thick like a super luxurious cotton robe across the links in Leith… and it seems to be holding… sorry it brings out my inner child

    I love the fact it sort of quietens down the city.

    I like seeing the paw prints in the snow…

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