New Subscriber Bonus is Up !

A glimspe at the Subscriber Bonus

A glimspe at the Subscriber Bonus

Hurray – As always, took far longer to pull together than seems reasonable , but it’s done now. After a bit of brainstorming with some friends they suggested making a little seasonal emergency kit.

You’ll find tags you can print out. Some little cards and a matching envelope.  ( You can customise those yourself with a little tweaking of the hue) A few bookmarks and little single sided cards and finally a mini “taster” calendar to print out yourself featuring a few images from each of this year’s calendars. I think the calendar pages would be ideal for mood/pin boards, or tucking in notebooks or even tying up with a little bow and sending in a card for one of those “just because” moments.

So if you’d like these goodies you can subscribe here. My Studio Newsletter comes out once a month on the first Thursday  – and I also try to keep it full of interesting snippets on the whole spectrum of photo technques, living the creative life and other delectable tidbits.

( If you already subscribe but would like this little pack just let me know and I’ll send you the link. )


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