Five on a Friday – Creative Resources.

Baltic Journey - Photograph by Rhiannon ConnellyBaltic Journey

A short and sweet little round up this week of some of my current favourite resources. I may have mentioned some of them in the past, but they get a repeat mention here because they are still on my list of favourites. There are a lot of people out there with ideas to share and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice. I am becoming ever more selective about who I choose to listen to. But here are five places to get a bit of fresh inspiration , encouragement or business advice.

1. Michael Nobbs is an “Artist Extraordinaire” who quietly keeps on creating, draws charmingly and writes thoughtfully about how to keep creating with limited energy or time. He’s recently published  an excellent  preview ebook called “Sustainable Creativity” and I’m lucky enough to be one of the intial 100 readers. He will be launching it to the wider public sometime  and I’ll let you know when he does. In the meantime pay his blog a visit or listen to his short audio blogs on living a creative life.

2. Cynthia Morris – One of my favourite coffee break treats over the last few months has been to watch one of Cynthia’s “Juju Infusion ” videos. She had a little break from  them while she was travelling but I’m glad to see she is back doing them again. You’ll discover new books, visit inside artist studios and all kinds of other creative delights. If you are a writer or are working on a big creative  project she is also an excellent coach.

3.Creative Voyage – Publishes a newsletter every month tackling some kind of creative issue. The last one ,about creativity and time, got rave reviews. If you missed it but would like to read it she will resend it to new subscribers too.

4. White Hot Truth – The inimitable Danielle LaPorte of the Fire Starter Sessions ( which I have already raved about, so won’t repeat myself again here ). Her blog is also a great source of thought provoking encouragement.

5.CraftCast podcasts. Again, wonderful to listen to while you are travelling or  doing a task that doesn’t require too much thought. Even though she may be discussing a craft that you aren’t involved in there is always something useful to learn.

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I’m also looking for people to guest post their “Five on a Friday” – send me an email at if you’d like to contribute.


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